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Welcome to Warrior Dreams!This's my personal website with stuff I've been drawing along the years as well as How to Draw Manga and Anime tutorials.I'm a great fan of manga,so I've chosen this layout.I hope you enjoy your stay!^_^


Latest Manga Tutorial:
December 13: Robots


A guestbook was added to the page,so feel free to leave your comments and opinions about the website.


I've just added another manga drawing tutorial this time about Robots!Check it out!Christma's tomorrow!!!lol


It's been quite a time since I updated this page.Well,I have 2 new drawings in the art section and have some new links.Also,I've uploaded some manga drawing tutorials.The text is in Portuguese,buy you can go to http://world.altavista.com/ if you need help translating.Anyway,the images are much self explanatory.Merry Christmas and Happy new year for you guys!^__~


Site launch!Weeee!Still have many things to upload,and I wil,but it'll take time!For now,check the Art to see my latest scribbles/drawings/things.



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